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  • What next for the Sentencing Council?

    Public consultation to help shape the future objectives and priorities of the Sentencing Council. **The closing date of this consultation has been extended to 9 September 2020** More
    Closes 9 September 2020
  • Assault Offences

    Why Assault offences? The Sentencing Council’s Assault Definitive Guideline was the first guideline developed by the Sentencing Council and came into force in 2011. It includes guidelines for sentencing offences under the Offences Against the Person Act 1861: section 18 GBH (causing... More
    Closes 15 September 2020
  • Unauthorised use of a trademark sentencing guideline

    What is this consultation about? The Sentencing Council is proposing to issue two guidelines for the offence of unauthorised use of a trade mark contrary to section 92 of the Trade Marks Act 1994; one for sentencing individuals and one for sentencing organisations. What is... More
    Closes 30 September 2020
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme Review 2020

    The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (the Scheme) is a statutory scheme that exists to compensate victims of violent crime in Great Britain. Its core purpose is to recognise, through compensation, the harm experienced by victims injured as a result of violent crime, including physical and... More
    Closes 9 October 2020
  • Consultation on the mandatory retirement age for judicial office holders

    The UK justice system is known across the world for its excellence, objectivity and impartiality. This is due, in no small part, to the exceptional expertise of our courts and tribunal judges, our coroners, and our valued magistrates. Our independent judiciary uphold and exercise the rule of... More
    Closes 16 October 2020
  • Law Commission consultation on consumer sales contracts: transfer of ownership

    This is a public consultation by the Law Commission for England and Wales. We are consulting on a draft Bill to reform the rules on the transfer of ownership of goods as they apply to consumers. The draft Bill seeks to implement recommendations we made in our 2016 report,... More
    Closes 31 October 2020
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