Dispute resolution in England and Wales: Call for Evidence

Closes 31 Oct 2021

Dispute resolution service providers

We are keen to gain a greater understanding of the Dispute Resolution workforce and how they are currently trained, how standards of work are monitored and how quality is assured to users of their services.

16. Do you have evidence which demonstrates whether the standards needed to provide effective dispute resolution services are well understood?
Please make sure your file is under 25MB
17. Do you have evidence of the impact of the standard of qualifications and training of dispute resolution service providers on settlement rates/outcomes?
Please make sure your file is under 25MB
18. Do you have evidence of how complaints procedure frameworks for mediators and other dispute resolution service providers are applied? Do you have evidence of the effectiveness of the complaints’ procedure frameworks?
Please make sure your file is under 25MB
19. Do you think there are the necessary safeguards in place for parties (e.g. where there has been professional misconduct) in their engagement with dispute resolution services?

Please state your reasons.

20. What role is there for continuing professional development for mediators or those providing related services and should this be standardised?
21. Do you have evidence to demonstrate whether the current system is transparent enough to enable parties to make informed choices about the type of service and provider that is right for them?
Please make sure your file is under 25MB