Transforming the response to domestic abuse

Closes 31 May 2018

Learning from Domestic Homicide Reviews

We want to make sure that learning from Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs) is understood and acted on. A DHR is a multi-agency review of the circumstances in which a death has, or appears to have, resulted from violence, abuse or neglect in a domestic setting.

The purpose of a DHR is to establish what lessons can be learned in order to safeguard victims and prevent future homicides and violence.

It is vital that DHR recommendations are put into practice to avoid future homicides and instances of domestic abuse. Poor information sharing practices and a lack of understanding of and training on the signs of domestic abuse and its impact are all common themes that emerge from DHRs.

We would like to increase awareness of the learning from DHRs, both at a local and national level. This could include making DHRs more accessible, routinely collating and sharing recommendations and providing updates, for example through regular newsletters. We would welcome ideas and proposals for ensuring DHR learning is understood and acted on.

62. One proposal is that the Domestic Abuse Commissioner could routinely collate, quality assure and share lessons learnt from DHRs. What more could be done to increase awareness of the learning from DHRs?

63. How can areas best hold their own local agencies to account in terms of monitoring delivery against DHR action plans?