Revisions to the Medical Reporting Process for Road Traffic Accident Claims

Closed 10 Oct 2023

Opened 18 Jul 2023


We are seeking stakeholder input on several issues of relevance to those who commission and/or provide medical reports used in support of RTA related PI claims valued up to £5,000. Specifically, we are seeking views on:

  • revised qualifying criteria for medical reporting organisations (MROs) and rules for medical experts who accept direct instructions (DMEs)
  • the number and type of MROs and/or DMEs ‘offered’ to both represented and unrepresented claimants when they search for a provider on the MedCo Portal
  • the growing use of unauthorised administration agencies by DMEs and how this can be effectively overseen
  • the level of fixed recoverable costs available for medical reports
  • changes to improve the quality of medical reports and on how medical reports for claimants who are represented by lawyers are sourced

The consultation will run for 12 weeks and is aimed at all stakeholders with an interest in the provision of medical reports used in support of low-value road traffic accident-related personal injury claims.


  • Claims management services


  • Compensation
  • Claims management