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This site lists consultations that are run by the Ministry of Justice.

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Open Consultations

  • Miscellaneous amendments to sentencing guidelines 2022

    What is this consultation about? The Sentencing Council has built up a large body of sentencing guidelines and accompanying materials that are in use in courts throughout England and Wales. Over time guidelines require updating because users have pointed out issues (often using the... More

    Closes 30 November 2022

  • Law Commission Consultation: Review of the Arbitration Act 1996

    This is a public consultation by the Law Commission for England and Wales. This project reviews the Arbitration Act 1996, to consider whether any reform is necessary, to ensure the Act remains state of the art. For more information about this project, click ... More

    Closes 15 December 2022

  • Implementing the Nationality and Borders Act 2022: Amendments to tribunal fees

    The implementation of the Nationality and Borders Act 2022 will introduce new forms of appeal routes in the Immigration and Asylum Chambers of the First-tier and Upper Tribunal. This consultation seeks views on a number of changes to the fees structure in force in the Immigration and Asylum... More

    Closes 4 January 2023

  • Totality guideline consultation

    What is this consultation about? The Sentencing Council is proposing to revise the Totality guideline. In summary, when sentencing an offender for more than one offence, or where the offender is already serving a sentence, courts must consider whether the total sentence is just and... More

    Closes 11 January 2023

  • Law Commission call for evidence on decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs)

    This is a call for evidence by the Law Commission for England and Wales. The Law Commission has been asked to undertake a 15-month scoping study to explore and describe the current treatment of DAOs under the law of England and Wales and identify options for how they should... More

    Closes 25 January 2023

Closed Consultations

  • Law Commission consultation on digital assets

    This is a public consultation by the Law Commission for England and Wales. The UK Government asked the Law Commission to make recommendations for reform to ensure that the law is capable of accommodating both crypto-tokens and other digital assets in a way which allows... More

    Closed 25 November 2022

  • Child Cruelty Sentencing Guidelines Consultation

    What is this consultation about? The Sentencing Council proposes to amend its existing sentencing guidelines for child cruelty offences, to reflect recent changes to the statutory maximum penalties. These offences are: Causing or allowing a child to die or suffer serious... More

    Closed 27 October 2022

  • Increasing the use of mediation in the civil justice system

    This document sets out the Government’s proposal to introduce a requirement to attempt mediation for all proceedings allocated to the small claims track of the County Court. This is the case management process that applies to most types of claims valued under £10,000, although the level is... More

    Closed 4 October 2022

  • Motoring Offences Sentencing Guidelines Consultation

    What is the Sentencing Council? The Sentencing Council is the independent body responsible for developing sentencing guidelines which courts in England and Wales must follow when passing a sentence. The Council consults on proposed guidelines before they come into force and makes... More

    Closed 29 September 2022

  • Law Commission issues paper on remote driving

    The Law Commission for England and Wales invites responses to its remote driving issues paper published on 24 June 2022. The Law Commission is considering the law surrounding remote driving, where a person outside a vehicle uses wireless connectivity to control a... More

    Closed 9 September 2022