Appeals to the Court of Appeal: proposed amendments to Civil Procedure Rules and Practice Direction

Closed 24 Jun 2016

Opened 19 May 2016


This consultation seeks your views on proposals to amend the Civil Procedure Rules in respect of appeals to the Court of Appeal. 

The proposals are suggested as part of a package of reforms to alleviate pressure on the Court of Appeal. 

The proposals in this consultation amend the Civil Procedure Rules (which govern court procedure in England and Wales) -  

(1) to increase in the threshold for permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal;

(2) to remove the automatic right of oral renewal for application for permission to appeal and other applications  in the course of proceedings,  to be replaced by judicial discretion for the court to decide whether to hold a hearing; and

(3) to simplify the supporting practice direction making it more user-friendly and to limit the volume of documents presented to the Court of Appeal.   


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