Proposed changes to listing arrangements for Cambridgeshire

Closed 5 Dec 2014

Opened 5 Nov 2014

Results Updated 22 Jan 2015

A total of 34 responses were received. Of these:

  • 13 were from individual magistrates,
  • 1 was from the Designated Family Judge
  • 1 was from the Regional Employment Judge
  • 1 was from a member of the public
  • 1 was from the Crown Prosecution Service
  • 1 was a group response from solicitors in Cambridge
  • 2 were from individual solicitors
  • 1 was from the Bar Mess
  • 1 was from Cambridgeshire Police
  • 1 was from Witness Services
  • 2 were from Youth Offending Teams
  • 4 were from local authorities
  • 2 were from public prosecutors
  • 2 were from staff working for HM Courts & Tribunals Service
  • 1 which did not address the consultation at all, was from a vexatious litigant.


Of the 33 responses which referred to the matter in hand, 13 were in favour of the proposed changes, 13 were opposed (2 of these respondents were also included in collective responses), 6 could be categorised as ambivalent, broadly supportive of the schedule but with concerns about aspects of it, and 1 addressed only a detailed point.

The response to consultation summarises the submissions received and the response to them.  Some revisions have been made to details of the schedule as a result of representations, while retaining the key elements outlined.

What happens next

The revised schedule will take effect from 1 April 2014.



A consultation on the proposals for listing in the new Cambridgeshire Bench from 1 April 2015 following the decision to merge the three existing benches of Huntingdonshire, North Cambridgeshire and South Cambridgeshire into one Local Justice Area.

This consultation is aimed at magistrates, court users, partners, other judiciary, staff and other parties with an interest in the provision of local justice arrangements in Cambridgeshire.

The aim of the proposals is to improve the effectiveness of the delivery of justice by improving flexibility in dealing with cases in magistrates’ courts in Cambridgeshire, and enabling the best use of resources by more effective listing including reducing delay, particularly when dealing with young people. They also aim to make a significant improvement to the court's service in domestic violence cases. This will roll out to the whole of the county the excellent support already provided in the court in Peterborough, combined with the excellent facilities of Huntingdon courthouse.

The closing date has been extended to 5 December 2014.


  • Litigants
  • Legal professionals
  • Judiciary


  • Courts