Chorley Magistrates’ Court and Fleetwood Magistrates’ Court: proposal on their future

Closed 29 Mar 2018

Opened 18 Jan 2018


This paper sets out for consultation proposals on the future of Chorley Magistrates’ Court and Fleetwood Magistrates’ Court, including the closure of the buildings and the work being absorbed by other existing courts. The closures would also contribute to the consolidation of the Lancashire criminal and family court estate and, through disposal, provide funding for the ongoing process of reforming court and tribunal services in England and Wales. The consultation seeks the views of everyone with an interest in the work at these courts.

This consultation is being conducted in line with the Consultation Principles issued by the Cabinet Office and will run for 10 weeks.

Responses are welcomed from anyone with an interest in or views on the subject matter covered by this paper.


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