Claims Management Regulation consultation: cutting the costs for consumers – financial claims

Closed 11 Apr 2016

Opened 15 Feb 2016

Results updated 17 Nov 2017

This response follows the Claims Management Regulation Unit’s consultation on proposals to place restrictions on the level of fees that regulated claims management companies (CMCs) can charge consumers for financial claims.

The consultation response document explains how the responses received shaped our conclusions, and announces our intention to:

  • Ban upfront fees in relation to PPI and other financial claims
  • Ban any charges to a consumer where it is identified that the consumer does not have a relationship or relevant policy with the lender
  • Require CMCs to ensure that all cancellation charges are reasonable and to provide consumers with an itemised bill setting out details of what the cancellation charges relate to


The new rules will come into effect on 1 April 2018.



This consultation paper sets out proposals to place restrictions on the level of fees that regulated Claims Management Companies (CMCs) can charge consumers in the financial products and services claims sector.

The consultation seeks views and further evidence in relation to the proposals and is aimed at all regulated CMCs, trade bodies and anybody with an interest in claims management matters in England and Wales.


We are seeking views and further evidence in relation to our proposals to;

- Cap the maximum completion fee to 15% (Inc. VAT) for bulk claims (such as mis-sold payment protection insurance claims) with a single lender and cap the overall charge for claims worth more than £2,000 in total to £300.

- Introduce a maximum ‘cancellation’ fee of £300 for bulk claims when a consumer cancels their contract with a claims management company after the initial 14 day ‘cooling off’ period.

- Ban CMCs from receiving or making any financial payment for referring or introducing a consumer to a third party in relation to a PPI or PBA claim

- Ban any fees where no relationship is found between a consumer and a lender.

- Ban all upfront fees for all financial claims, where CMCs ask to be paid before any work is carried out.

- Cap the maximum completion fee to 25% (Inc. VAT) of the final amount of compensation awarded in all other types of financial case.

The proposed changes would be implemented via changes to the Conduct of Authorised Persons Rules 2014.


  • Businesses
  • Citizens
  • Claims management services
  • Journalists


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