Introducing fees in employment tribunals and Employment Appeal Tribunal

Closed 6 Mar 2012

Opened 14 Dec 2011

Results updated 18 Jul 2012

A total of 140 responses to the consultation were received from unions and other organisations representing the views of employees, legal groups and solicitors, business, advisory and equality groups, and from other interested parties and individuals.

This document includes the analysis, conclusions and recommendations in relation to the consultation. 



Reference CP22/2011

This consultation is aimed at users of the employment tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal, the legal profession, the judiciary, the advice sector and all with an interest in this area in England, Wales and Scotland.

Bringing a claim or an appeal to the employment tribunal or the Employment Appeal Tribunal is currently free of charge with the full cost of running the tribunals being met by the taxpayer.

The aim of these proposals is reduce the taxpayer subsidy of these tribunals by transferring some of the cost to those who use the the service, while protecting access to justice for the most vulnerable.

Views are welcomed on fee charging structures and two options are proposed in this consultation.


  • Businesses
  • Citizens
  • Local authorities
  • Litigants


  • Courts
  • Public Bodies