Proposal on the future of Neath Magistrates' Court

Closed 7 Nov 2013

Opened 26 Sep 2013

Results updated 6 Feb 2014


A total of 63 responses were received. These were from magistrates, local councillors, Welsh Assembly Members and Members of Parliament, and other local individuals, orgaisations and committees.

Following consideration of these responses the Government has decided to proceed with the closure of Neath Magistrates' Court

This document provides a summary of the responses received, conclusions and next steps following the decision.



This is a consultation proposal to close Neath Magistrates' Court and transfer the work to Swansea Magistrates' Court and merge the Neath and Port Talbot Bench and Swansea Bench.

This site is in an area of significant redevelopment by Neath and Port Talbot County Borough Council following their securing of European and Welsh Government funding to regenerate the town.  HM Courts and Tribunals Service have not been able to identify or secure another viable or affordable site within the town’s boundaries

This proposal aims to ensure our court estate is used more efficiently and the closure of the court would offer HM Courts and Tribunals Service savings of around £220k a year. 

This consultation seeks the views of local users, judiciary, magistracy, staff, criminal justice agency practitioners and elected representatives to better understand the impact that this proposal would have on the Neath and Port Talbot community


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