Immigration legal aid: consultation for new fees for new services

Closed 5 Sep 2022

Opened 13 Jun 2022


This consultation proposes new fees to ensure that immigration legal aid fees properly reflect the changes coming to the immigration system.

The government invites all interested in the delivery of legally-aided asylum and immigration services to respond to this consultation on new immigration legal aid fees.

Access to legal aid is an important part of a firm but fair immigration system, and this includes ensuring that immigration legal aid fees reflect the essential work undertaken by legal aid practitioners.

The Government’s New Plan for Immigration and digitisation of the immigration tribunal are changing the work required of immigration legal aid practitioners. This consultation proposes several new fees in response.

You will find the consultation document below. A full HTML version of the consultation is available on GOV.UK.


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  • Prosecutors
  • Legal professional bodies
  • Family lawyers


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