Increasing selected court fees and Help with Fees income thresholds by inflation

Closed 17 May 2021

Opened 22 Mar 2021

Results updated 1 Sep 2021

This document is the consultation response for the consultation paper.

It will cover:

* the background to the report
* a summary of the responses to the report
* a detailed response to the specific questions raised in the report
* the next steps following this consultation



This consultation sets out the proposal to increase selected court fees and Help with Fees income thresholds by inflation.

The aim of this proposal is to:

•    ensure that there is an efficient and effective courts system
•    ensure access to justice, making sure those who need to access the courts can do so
•    ensure that our courts and tribunals have the necessary resources and funding to deliver their much-needed services
•    ensure that fees better meet the running costs of HMCTS

We invite respondents to complete the online survey or email their responses to the questions in the consultation document to Before responding, we invite respondents to read the below consultation document and impact assessments. The responses to this consultation will help inform decisions regarding the proposed changes. We would be grateful for your response by 17 May 2020.


  • Litigants
  • Legal professionals
  • Judiciary
  • Court & Tribunal staff
  • Family lawyers
  • Personal injury lawyers


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