Knutsford Crown Court: proposal on its future

Closed 6 Aug 2014

Opened 25 Jun 2014

Results Updated 21 Oct 2014

A total of 14 responses were received to the ‘Proposal on the future of Knutsford Crown Court’ consultation, none of which objected to the closure of the court.

Following consideration of these responses, the government has decided to proceed with the closure of Knutsford Crown Court.

This consultation response document provides a summary of the responses received, conclusions and next steps following the decision.



This is a consultation on the future of Knutsford Crown Court.

Due to reduced workload across Cheshire, this two-courtroom venue has not been used for hearings since May 2010. In addition, to bring the court back into commission would require significant additional maintenance costs.

Since May 2010, all Crown Court hearings in Cheshire have been heard at either Chester Crown Court or Warrington Combined Court.

This proposal aims to ensure our court estate is used more efficiently and the closure of Knutsford Crown Court would offer HM Courts & Tribunals Service savings of around £50,000 a year. 

The consultation is aimed at court users, magistracy, judiciary, and anyone else with an interest in the provision of local justice arrangements in Cheshire.


  • Local authorities
  • Legal professionals
  • Judiciary
  • Prosecutors
  • Offenders
  • Court & Tribunal staff


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  • Access to justice