Proposed merger of the local justice areas in Northumbria

Closed 1 Dec 2014

Opened 20 Oct 2014

Results Updated 16 Jan 2015

This consultation on the merger of the merger of the local justice areas in Northumbria invited comments on 3 options, namely:
  • creation of 1 local justice area
  • creation of 2 local justice areas
  • retention of the existing 7 local justice areas
Additionally, views were sought on other alternative options.
This report summarises the responses, and the recommendation of the Judicial Business Group with regard to the preferred option.



This consultation is issued on behalf of the Northumbria Judicial Business Group (JBG), which comprises members of the judiciary and HM Courts and Tribunal Service managers. The JBG has responsibility for managing the judicial business of magistrates' courts within Northumbria. 

There are currently 7 local justice areas in Northumbria. The JBG is seeking views on whether there should be a merger of the local justice areas in Northumbria. 

This consultation is intended to inform the recommendations that the JBG might make and to discharge the Lord Chancellor's duty to consult. 


  • Local authorities
  • Legal professionals
  • Court & Tribunal staff


  • Courts
  • Access to justice