Proposal on the future of North Liverpool Community Justice Centre

Closed 27 Aug 2013

Opened 17 Jul 2013

Results updated 22 Oct 2013

Response published 22 October 2013

There were 18 responses received to the consultation from public and professional users, the judiciary, operational partners and other interested groups.

Following consideration of these responses the Government has decided to proceed with the closure of the North Liverpool Community Justice Centre.

This document provides a summary of responses, conclusions and next steps following the decision.



This is a consultation proposal to close the North Liverpool Community Justice Centre and transfer the work of the Centre, and the principles of its problem solving approach, of the court to Sefton Magistrates' Court.

North Liverpool Community Justice Centre has operated from its Boundary Street site, a former primary school, since September 2005.   However, the local workload has fallen to the extent that the Centre is now underutilised.  In the light of current and future financial constraints it is increasingly difficult to justify the ongoing operation of the Boundary Street site.

Any breaking of the lease of this building will be subject to the outcome of this consultation and the consent of the landlord and will not take place before March 2014.

The consultation is aimed at court users, partners, staff and other parties with an interest in the provision of local justice arrangements in the North West of England, and in particular, the Merseyside Region.

Please send response to the consultation to

Mr Mark Williams
North West Regional Support Unit
1 Bridge Street West
M60 9DJ




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