Reducing the number and cost of whiplash claims

Closed 8 Mar 2013

Opened 11 Dec 2012

Results updated 23 Oct 2013

There were 292 stakeholder responses received to the consultation. Following consideration of these responses the Government has decided to proceed with the proposal to introduce independent medical panels, and has deferred the decision on raising the Small Claims threshold for personal injury claims.
This document provides a summary of responses, conclusions and next steps.



The Government is committed to finding ways of tackling fraudulent and exaggerated whiplash claims, whilst ensuring that people who have suffered a genuine neck injury should continue to be able to get appropriate compensation. However, increases in claims for compensation relating to whiplash injuries are having a significant impact on the motor insurance premiums paid by individuals, families and businesses.

This consultation considers the creation of independent medical panels to support better diagnosis of possible whiplash injuries. In addition, it also looks at the whether the small claims track threshold for damages for personal injury claims arising from road traffic accidents should be raised.

This document is aimed at stakeholders with an interest in the area of personal injury litigation in general and whiplash related claims in particular. The consultation document presents options which build upon the significant reforms contained in Lord Justice Jackson’s Review of Civil Litigation Costs which are being introduced from April 2013.

The views and opinions of all stakeholders are an important part of the policy process and we welcome contributions to this consultation from all affected individuals or groups. The Ministry of Justice will review all submissions to this consultation and intends to publish a response in Spring 2013.


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  • Claims management services
  • Legal professionals


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