Proposed rule changes relating to contempt of court: redraft of CPR Part 81

Closed 1 May 2020

Opened 9 Mar 2020


The Civil Procedure Rule Committee (CPRC) is considering whether amendments should be made to Civil Procedure Rules Part 81 concerning the practices and procedures on contempt of court.

Given the wide-ranging nature of the rules on contempt, this is a cross-jurisdictional, public consultation aimed at all users and potential users of not only the civil justice system in England and Wales, but also other jurisdictions, including people with an interest in procedural rules applying to contempt proceedings outside the CPR, i.e. in family, insolvency, criminal proceedings and any other relevant jurisdictions. 

A list of the main professional bodies and representative groups that are being consulted is set out in the consultation document. This list is not meant to be exhaustive or exclusive and responses are welcomed from anyone with an interest in or views on the subject covered by this consultation.


  • Citizens
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Government departments
  • Legal professionals
  • Judiciary
  • Prosecutors
  • Court & Tribunal staff
  • Legal professional bodies


  • Courts
  • Law
  • Access to justice