Setting the Personal Injury Discount Rate

Closed 9 Apr 2024

Opened 16 Jan 2024


This Call for Evidence is intended to assist the PIDR Expert Panel in the process of obtaining up-to-date data and information on a wide range of topics relevant to modelling claimants’ likely return on investment. This includes claim and claimant characteristics, claimant investment experience, investment expenses, changes since the 2018 Call for Evidence, the impact and practicalities of adopting a dual/multiple PIDR and the way in which compensation payments are made.

The Call for Evidence is the second under the reformed process introduced by the Civil Liability Act 2018, and the first where the Lord Chancellor will consult the statutory Expert Panel.

All submissions will be considered and used to inform the work of the Expert Panel in providing advice to the Lord Chancellor.

The Call for Evidence is aimed at people with an interest in high value personal injury claims in England and Wales and how the damages awarded are invested. A response document will be prepared and published by April 2024.


  • Citizens
  • Litigants
  • Legal professionals
  • Personal injury lawyers


  • Compensation
  • Damages