Transforming our justice system: consultation

Closed 19 Oct 2016

Opened 15 Sep 2016

Results updated 8 Feb 2017

On 15 September 2016, the Lord Chancellor, Lord Chief Justice, and the Senior President of Tribunals issued a joint statement on their shared vision for the future of Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunal Service. We invited the public and interested stakeholders to give their views on three specific areas:

  • assisted digital facilities;
  • automatic online conviction and statutory standard penalty; and
  • panel composition in tribunals.

We received a total of 790 responses to the consultation, including from legal practitioners and their representative groups, charities and other third parties, the judiciary and members of the public. We have carefully considered all the responses, and are now publishing our formal Response.

As a result of the consultation, we will be continuing with our proposals to provide assisted digital facilities for users who have trouble with using technology. We also intend to introduce an automatic online conviction and statutory standard penalty procedure for railway fare evasion, tram fare evasion and possession of unlicensed rod and line. 

Whilst we will be removing the requirement for the Senior President of Tribunals (SPT) to pay regard to historic tribunal composition, we do not intend to proceed with the proposal to introduce a single member panel as the default position in the unified tribunals. Instead, we will amend the First-tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal (Composition of Tribunal) Order 2008 that the SPT may provide that a panel should consist of one, two or three members, as required, in order to determine the matters before the tribunal justly and fairly.



This consultation has been superseded by two separate consultations:

Transforming Our Justice System: Assisted Digital Strategy, Online Conviction and Statutory Fixed Fines (closed 10 November)

Transforming Our Justice System: Panel Composition in Tribunals (closing date 24 November)

This is due to administrative error where two documents (the Online Convictions/Statutory Fixed Fine Impact Assessment & Equalities Statement, and the Panel Composition Equalities Statement) were not uploaded correctly when the consultation launched on 15 September. As a result, we are extending the time available to respond to our consultation.

All responses submitted to date will be included in the final analysis. If you have already submitted a response, we invite you to consider the updated documents so you may submit a new one if you wish.


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  • Litigants
  • Legal professionals
  • Judiciary
  • Prosecutors
  • Court & Tribunal staff
  • Legal professional bodies


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