Independent Commission on Freedom of Information Call for Evidence

Closed 20 Nov 2015

Opened 9 Oct 2015


The Independent Commission on Freedom of Information is an independent body established by the Government and sponsored by the Cabinet Office, to review the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and to consider whether there is an appropriate public interest balance between transparency, accountability and the need for sensitive information to have robust protection.

The Independent Commission on Freedom of Information’s terms of reference require it to look carefully at the implications for the Act of the uncertainty around the Cabinet veto, and at the practical operation of the Act as it has developed over the last ten years in respect of the deliberative space afforded to public authorities. The Commission is also interested in the balance between transparency and the burden of the Act on public authorities more generally.

The Independent Commission on Freedom of Information is calling for evidence from any interested person on the aspects of the Freedom of Information Act covered by its terms of reference.

Please complete the online questionnaire or send your response to or in writing to: Independent Commission on Freedom of Information, 9.54, 9th Floor, 102 Petty France, London, SW1H 9AJ.  The closing date for responses is midnight 20 November 2015.

Further information on the Commission is available at the following link:

Note: Responsibility for Freedom of Information transferred from the Ministry of Justice to the Cabinet Office on the 17 July 2015.


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