The draft charter for the current Coroner Service

Closed 5 Sep 2011

Opened 19 May 2011

Results updated 5 Feb 2012

A total of 135 responses to the consultation were received from a range of stakeholders including coroners, local authorities, voluntary organisations which support bereaved people, medical specialists, registrars and members of the public.

This report summarises the responses received, including how the consultation process will influence the redrafting of the Charter.  The final version of the combined guide and charter will be published in the new year.



Reference number: CP 5/2011

This consultation paper sets out, and seeks views on, the proposal to publish a draft charter for the current Coroner Service.

This consultation is aimed at coroners, coroners' officers, voluntary organisations who deal with bereavement, local authorities, bereaved people and all those who have an interest in the Coroner Service.

You can respond to this consultation using either the online or word versions of the questionnaire.


  • Citizens
  • Coroners
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Local authorities


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