Default County Court Judgments: A consultation on ensuring the process works fairly, for both creditors and debtors

Closed 21 Feb 2018

Opened 27 Dec 2017


We are interested in your views as to the effectiveness and appropriateness of the current processes for money claims issued in the County Court. Of particular interest, will be views from respondents on limiting the circumstances in which an individual may have a judgment made in default against them without their knowledge.

In the light of responses to this consultation, the Government will consider whether any changes are needed to the current arrangements and ask the Civil Procedure Rules Committee, which govern processes in the civil courts, to consider any changes.

Any changes to current procedures, following consultation, would inevitably apply to all money claims, whether they arise from, say, a claim for lack of payment for a new fridge or television or are brought by a parking company seeking to enforce a parking infringement on private land. Both use the same process. Respondents sharing their experiences with us are therefore requested to make clear the type of claim they are referring to.

The paper is aimed in particular at those who have had experience of County Court judgments, whether as defendants or claimants, and bodies representing the interests of claimants or defendants, but responses will be welcome from anyone interested in the subject matter.



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