Ditch construction at the new prison in Full Sutton: Public Consultation

Closed 21 Feb 2021

Opened 12 Feb 2021


In September 2019, East Riding of Yorkshire Council granted outline planning permission to the Ministry of Justice for the development of a new Category C prison, on land adjacent to the existing HMP Full Sutton. The new prison will contribute to the delivery of the four new prisons that government has committed to providing by the mid-2020s.

The land on which the new prison is to be built has a ditch course running through it from east to west, extending from an attenuation pond in the eastern part of the site to a culvert on the western part of the site, which then passes beneath Moor Lane. To facilitate the construction of the new prison and maintain an open watercourse, the outline planning application showed, indicatively, a new alignment of an open ditch around the southern periphery of the site.

It is now necessary for the Ministry of Justice to obtain detailed approval for the formation of the new ditch, and so we have submitted an application for full planning permission to East Riding of Yorkshire Council. This consultation will enable local residents and businesses to find out more about, and comment on, the proposals for the ditch.


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