Appointments and Diversity: A Judiciary for the 21st Century

Closed 13 Feb 2012

Opened 21 Nov 2011

Results updated 11 May 2012

In November last year the Ministry of Justice published a consultation that aimed to address issues that had been identified over the preceding years with the current system of appointing judges. Following the conclusion of the consultation the consultation response published today documents those of our proposals that are being taken forward as part of the Crime and Courts Bill which has been published today.




Reference CP19/2011

A consultation on proposed amendments to the statutory and regulatory frameworks for judicial appointments, together with improving judicial diversity.

Although the principle of appointment on merit will remain, the changes will enable clear career progression and flexible working arrangements to encourage applications from previously untapped talent pools.

The wide ranging consultation seeks views whether, when considering two candidates of equal ability, there could be a presumption in favour of selecting the person from an underrepresented group.

Lack of diversity among judges has been shown to have a negative impact on the experience of people who use the courts, and limits the range of life experiences that judges can draw upon.


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