Review of Legal Services Regulation

Closed 2 Sep 2013

Opened 10 Jun 2013

Results updated 1 May 2014

Outcome of, and summary of responses to the Government’s call for evidence on concerns with, and ideas for reducing, regulatory burdens and simplifying the legal services regulatory framework.



To obtain more information about the challenges legal service providers face the Ministry of Justice is conducting a review of the legal services statutory framework. 

The review, part of the Government's red tape challenge, will consider what could be done to simplify the regulatory framework and reduce unnecessary burdens on the legal sector while ensuring there is still appropriate oversight.

Further info can be found on the cabinet office red tape challenge website.


  • Businesses
  • Legal professionals
  • Judiciary
  • Legal professional bodies


  • Criminal justice
  • Law
  • International law
  • Legal aid
  • Access to justice
  • Family justice