Fit for the future: transforming the court and tribunal estate

Closed 29 Mar 2018

Opened 18 Jan 2018

Results updated 17 May 2019

Consultation response document outlining our future strategy and approach to reforming the court and tribunal estate in England and Wales.

The Lord Chancellor announced the strategic approach to future estates reform in England and Wales to be adopted by HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS).

The response to the consultation: ‘Fit for the future: transforming the Court and Tribunal Estate’ consultation:

  • the background to the report
  • a summary of the responses to the report
  • a detailed response to the specific questions raised in the report
  • the next steps following this consultation



This consultation sets out the proposed future strategy for HM Courts & Tribunals Service in its approach to court and tribunal estate reform.

The proposals detailed in the consultation document below have been identified following careful consideration of the ways in which we can improve the justice system. The document sets these proposals within the wider context of the modernisation work underway in HMCTS and discusses our proposals for evaluating how our estate should change as a result. The consultation is aimed at court and tribunal users, legal professionals and bodies, the judiciary and magistracy and all other individuals with an interest in the court and tribunal estate in England and Wales.


  • Citizens
  • Coroners
  • Local authorities
  • Litigants
  • Government departments
  • Legal professionals
  • Judiciary
  • Police
  • Prosecutors
  • Court & Tribunal staff
  • Legal professional bodies


  • Courts