Welsh Language Scheme 2014

Closed 7 Jan 2015

Opened 8 Oct 2014

Results Updated 28 Jun 2018

The consultation paper “Welsh Language Scheme” invited comments on MOJ’s proposed revised Welsh Language Scheme.

The Scheme demonstrates how MOJ complies with the Welsh Language Act 1993 by ensuring that, in the conduct of public business and the administration of Justice in Wales, the English and Welsh languages are treated on a basis of equality.

The consultation period closed in 2015 with publication of a formal response being delayed by a number of changes to government and further ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders.

This consultation response summarises the responses received and how the consultation process has influenced and improved the revised Scheme. The new Scheme was approved by the Welsh Language Commissioner on 9 April 2018.

Welsh Language Scheme 2018



The Ministry of Justice invites the public to take part in a consultation on its revised Welsh Language Scheme.

We look forward to hearing what people have to say and making sure that the revised scheme continues to reflect the needs of all people whose preferred language is Welsh.

After three years of operating our existing Welsh Language Scheme, to help maintain its currency, applicability and effectiveness, the Ministry of Justice has reviewed and updated the scheme. 

This was done in accordance with guidance from the Welsh Language Commissioner under the Welsh Language Act 1993.

It will be submitted for formal approval by the Welsh Language Commissioner following the consultation process.

The closing date for the consultation has been extended until 7 January 2015 to allow further responses.


  • Businesses
  • Citizens


  • Equality & diversity