Transforming the response to domestic abuse (short version)

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Closes 31 May 2018


This is a shortened version of the full Government Consultation.

This version is quicker and easier to complete as it contains fewer questions and uses simpler language.

A full version, which contains further and more detailed information is available.

Both versions are accessible to the public but please only answer the questions in either this shortened version or in the full version - not both.

You do not need to answer every question in either version but can choose those that relate to your experience or expertise. You can see a full list of the topics covered in both versions in the box below.

Topics covered in consultation

Topic Description

Page number of section in long consultation

Improving young people’s awareness and understanding of positive relationships and abuse.


Identifying which government agencies could do more to recognise the signs of domestic abuse.


Deciding whether a breach of a proposed domestic abuse protection order (e.g. where abuser doesn’t follow the courts instruction to keep a certain distance away from the victim) should be criminalised.


Improving awareness of the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (Clare’s Law).


Overcoming the practical barriers faced by those experiencing economic domestic abuse.


Communication of special measures in the criminal proceedings.


Please note these topics are also covered in more detail in the longer consultation at the page numbers as listed above.

As well as those listed above, the longer version asks questions about:

  • Introducing a new definition of domestic abuse in law
  • Identifying the priorities for central government domestic abuse funding
  • Supporting female offenders who have experienced domestic abuse
  • Protecting domestic abuse victims who have no recourse to public funds
  • Proposed applications routes, conditions and notification requirements of the proposed domestic abuse protection order
  • Ensuring the safety of victims when registering to vote.
  • Tackling domestic abuse which takes place online or involves the control of technology
  • Improving the police response
  • The application process for special measures in criminal proceedings
  • Cross-examination in criminal proceedings
  • Better supporting prosecutions through to conclusion
  • Protections in the family court
  • The effectiveness of the controlling or coercive behaviour offence
  • Aggravating factors in sentencing
  • The Istanbul Convention (Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction and Sexual Harassment)
  • Conditional cautions for perpetrators
  • Managing serial and repeat offenders
  • Behaviour change programmes for perpetrators
  • Priorities for improving domestic abuse data
  • Establishing a domestic abuse commissioner in law
  • Learning from Domestic Homicide Reviews
  • Sharing best practice across Government

Compulsory question. I understand that there are two versions of the consultation and I should only complete one. I would like to complete the shortened version.


If you don't want to complete the short version visit the full version of the consultation.