Transforming the response to domestic abuse

Closes 31 May 2018

Managing serial and repeat offenders

We want to stop repeat and serial perpetrators of domestic abuse from reoffending and ensure that victims are properly protected by the criminal justice system, including where the offending includes stalking behaviour.[1]

The National Probation Service (NPS) and Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) are both responsible for completing risk assessments and managing the risk offenders pose in order to enforce the sentence of a court. This includes management of domestic abuse offenders, both in the community and in custody.

Some offenders may be managed by the police and the NPS under Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA), where the risk they pose makes this necessary.

This may include offenders who have committed violent offences such asassault or threats to kill, have received a sentence over 12 months, or are otherwise assessed to present a serious risk.

We are also proposing the introduction of new Domestic Abuse Protection Orders to provide police and courts with a new tool to place conditions on people who pose a risk of further abuse (as described in the section 'Keeping victims safe – creating a new domestic abuse protection order')

55. What changes to current policies or procedures would help police and other agencies to better manage serial and repeat abusers, in particular those who are not subject to a sentence of the court?

This can include how best to:

  • risk assess an abuser and plan for risk reduction
  • engage an abuser in order to encourage compliance with control measures