Miscellaneous Amendments to sentencing guidelines 2023

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Closes 30 Nov 2023


What else is happening as part of the consultation process?

This is a 12 week public consultation. The Council has not planned any consultation meetings but would be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss any of the issues raised if this would be helpful. Once the results of the consultation have been considered, the updated guidelines will be published and used by all courts.

Responding to the consultation

Through this consultation process, the Council is seeking views on the usefulness, accuracy and clarity of the proposed changes and anything else that you think should be considered.

In the following sections the proposed changes are outlined in detail and you will be asked to give your views. You can give your views by answering some or all of the questions below or if you prefer you can repond by email to consultation@sentencingcouncil.gov.uk.

1. What is your name?
2. What is your email address?
3. Are you answering as an individual or on behalf of an organisation, group or bench?
4. If responding as an individual are you happy for your name to be included in the consultation response document?