Damages Act 1996: the discount rate - how should it be set?

Closed 23 Oct 2012

Opened 1 Aug 2012

Results updated 8 Mar 2017

The consultation was published in August 2012. 73 responses were received. Widely diverging views were expressed by different interest groups, and overall the responses demonstrated very little consensus on the methodology which should be used in setting the rate or on the technical considerations which should be applied to that process.

The response will cover:

• the background to the report
• a summary of the responses to the report
• a detailed response to the specific questions raised in the report
• the next steps following this consultation




This consultation relates to the methodology to be used by the Lord Chancellor and his counterparts in Scotland and Northern Ireland in independently setting the discount rate for personal injury damages in their respective jurisdictions.

The consultation is aimed at people and organisations with an interest in personal injury claims and damages in the UK.


  • Citizens
  • Litigants
  • Legal professionals


  • Compensation
  • Damages
  • Courts